Working smarter, not harder, has always been the key foundation of many effective strategies. At Tzedekk, we’re about optimizing marketing solutions to bring you the very best results. Here are Tzedekk’s 6 steps to building an epic marketing strategy that’s just right for your business. 

6. Get to Know Your Company 

At Tzedekk we know that you first have to understand a company’s true goals and values before you can jump into developing an effective marketing strategy for it. Take your previous marketing tactics into account, and decide where they’ve been effective and where their shortcomings are. 

Be open to changing things up – the way you’ve always done things is not necessarily the best way forward, particularly with the world changing so rapidly around you. 

5. Evaluate Your Target Audience

Your clients are ultimately responsible for helping you grow your business. You need to keep their wants and needs in mind and focus your marketing strategy towards fulfilling them. When trying to outline your target market, get to know the basics about them: age, gender, location, and income demographic – don’t make any assumptions.

Try and get to know their interests, and what makes them buy or use something. If they have any complaints about your product or similar products, step in and change things up. 

4. Understand Your Brand 

To come up with a fantastic marketing strategy, you first need to understand your brand, and where you want to take it. “Branding” doesn’t just refer to your logo – rather, it relates to everything you want people to know and feel about your business. 

When your name comes up, they should already know exactly what you’re offering. Once you have all these things down, you can work backwards to ensure you’re fulfilling everything needed on the marketing side. 

3. Set Specific Goals 

A good marketing strategy is useless unless you have specific goals that you want to meet. Where do you see your company in five to ten years? Set achievable, measured goals that you can actually fulfil that will help you get there.

Your marketing strategy should ultimately work towards achieving the business plan that you’ve laid out. Tracking conversion and engagement helps you to evaluate the success of your strategy, and change things up when necessary. 

2. Get to Know Your Competition

Marketing is, at its core, heavy competition. You want your business to succeed, and in order to do that, you’ll need to market your company better than your competitors. While it’s okay to take inspiration from other brands, you should look at where they’re falling short – what promos are they offering and how can they be improved? What marketing strategies have they implemented, and how can you do it better? There are always opportunities in any market, you just need to find them. 

1. Choose Your Marketing Channels Carefully 

This last point almost goes without saying, which is why it’s number 1 on the list of Tzedekk’s 6 steps to building an epic marketing strategy. 

When it comes to marketing, there are almost endless ways to get things across to your target audience. However, without understanding who you’re targeting, you’ll never know how to get your message to them efficiently. Social media marketing, search engine marketing, and content marketing are the three main ideas that fall under the concept of digital marketing. 

Look into what your target audience is most interested in, and then you can begin to build remarketing campaigns via social media management, SEO, and blogs and website copy.  

Work Smarter, Not Harder, To Build Your Best Marketing Strategy Yet

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When we’re first evaluating a business’s existing marketing strategy, we really look at how we can break down a client’s experience. For example, client experience moves from awareness to interest to action – all of this can help you pinpoint exactly which moment in their experience needs more attention. When it comes to Tzedekk’s 6 steps to building an epic marketing strategy, we know exactly how to funnel your client’s attention to your business – and how to get the most out of your company.