We know it’s April, but it’s not too late to refresh your marketing strategy for 2020. Each year, marketers approach things a bit differently, as attracting new clients and growing your revenue is a task and a half. So, what are the top 5 marketing trends in 2020, and how can Tzedekk help you apply them to your business?  

5. A Considerably Streamlined Digital Presence 

Bombarding your target audience on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms is honestly not a good idea. Yet, so many lazy brands have decided that social media marketing works best when you’re overwhelming your client with constant advertising. 

Now, more and more brands are looking into streamlining their digital footprint. Owning your website domain and using social media to promote yourself is best practice. It’s not a good idea to throw yourself at clients, as they’ll just get vaguely irritated. Good marketing should be subtle, not in your face. 

4. Switch your digital presence up in 2020

There’s major competition online, and brands are starting to feel the heat. Old methods are not cutting it like they might have done just a couple of years ago. Keeping up the same old marketing strategy is just not going to do it. Look at how your brand can incorporate new methods – like podcasts, interactive content, and VR. Look at how you can use new tech to achieve your aims for 2020. 

3. Humanize Your Approach 

More and more, consumers are expecting a personalised, human approach to digital marketing. You need to communicate with your clients like a real person – nobody wants a sanitized, business-oriented approach anymore. Invest in personal branding for your employees and leaders, and work on finding people within your company to represent your brand. 

2. Use Data to Your Advantage 

The best marketers know how to use data and analytics to their advantage. Understanding your data, helps you know where to tweak your marketing strategy, content, and social media presence. Use data to quickly understand which content is or isn’t working, and optimize it to make it work even better for you.

1. Embrace Video Content in 2020

It’s a sad situation that most people don’t want to spend much time reading something anymore. So, if you haven’t brought video content into your marketing strategy, you’re falling behind. 82.2% of marketers say that they will increase their video content sharing this year, and 49% of brands want to increase their YouTube presence. 

YouTube alone has seen a rise of 34.36% in engagement between 2018 and 2019. This shows a major shift towards video content within the industry, which will likely keep growing in 2020. 

If long-form videos aren’t your thing, you should also look at creating micro-content on TikTok, IGTV, and Instagram stories. This medium is incredibly versatile, which is why it’s placed at number 1 out of the top 5 marketing trends in 2020. Let Tzedekk embrace video and do the hard work of building your brand for you. 

Brands in 2020 Need to Work Even Smarter

marketing trends 2020

When it comes to the top 5 marketing trends in 2020, it’s clear that brands need to work smarter than ever. Embracing personalized content, getting to know your audience, and coming to grips with the fact that new technology will have to be a part of your marketing strategy, are all vital to ensuring that you see success in 2020 – and when in doubt, let Tzedekk sort your marketing strategy out.